on-demand cleaning service in Dallas

Go ahead, throw that party.

An on-demand home cleaning service in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas that can have the place clean faster than your hangover will set in.


on-demand cleaning services in dallas
on-demand cleaning services in dallas

Professional Home Cleaning On-Demand

Taking ‘maid service’ to a whole new level. We’re an on-demand home cleaning service application that connects residential consumers with professional maids in Dallas, TX. We pride ourselves in providing you with a streamlined and convenient way to book a home cleaning online. MaidIT specifically offers a variety of services to time-strapped customers through a preset menu. Our mission is to challenge the way the world sees personal cleaning services. Customer driven, customer centric, quality ensured.

Insured service

Get an honest clean every time. Fully insured and bonded for customer peace of mind. The loyalty of small town with the convenience of the big city.

On-Demand Clean

Booking an ASAP clean will have a service provider at your door in an hour or less. No waiting around for booking times or having to plan ahead.

maidit on-demand cleaning services

frequent updates

Focused on adding new quality and innovation to your everyday cleaning experience. On-demand cleaning services that are as efficient as they are convenient.

satisfaction guarantee

Unparalleled customer service provided 24/7 via email. Have a problem? We'll have a solution in 48 hours or less.


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