5 Cleaning Tips for The New Year

It’s only a few weeks into 2020 and, let’s face it, you’ve already fallen off of at least one of those resolutions you made. That doesn’t mean there is not still time to whip together a sparkling house Marie Kondo could be proud of. All it takes is a few small tweaks to your day that can save you tons of time later. These tips can also help keep your MaidIT service lasting longer. That is… until your roommate throws another party at your place. The only tip we have for that is changing the locks.

Put All New Items Entering Your Home Away Immediately

Stop right there, do not sit down yet. As soon as you get home, put all of the new stuff you’ve walked in with away immediately. Don’t wait for these things to pile up (because it will, and then have babies).

Then, designate one spot for daily items like keys, wallets, coats, etc. This will also keep you from hunting for them every morning.

Add A Good Habit To Each Daily Routine

Get out of bed? Make the bed right away. Get out of the shower? Towel off and hang your towel up right after. Change into your PJs? Put your clothes directly into the hamper. Before you know it, these habits will attach themselves to your daily routines. Find different daily routines you can turn into tidy ones.

Clean As You Cook

A cumbersome pile of dishes is the worst part of a satisfying meal. Instead, rinse out pots and pans with soapy water as soon as you’re finished with them in the cooking process and put them straight in the dishwasher. You’d be surprised how little time this takes and you’ll have a clean sink after licking your plate clean!

Take Something Out, Put It Back

We know your mom would be proud of this mantra. Use and replace. Use and replace. Use and replace. Pretty simple right?

Do Something Small Everyday

Choose one small thing that you can do each day to keep you on track. Maybe this is wiping down all the counters, or cleaning off the coffee table. This will keep things from getting out of control! And if it does, you know where to find us.

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