How do I schedule a service?

All cleaning appointments are set via the MaidIT app which is downloadable in the App Store and Google Play store.

Do you provide the cleaning supplies?

We furnish almost everything to clean your house at no extra charge. The only things our cleaning professionals do not provide is dishwashing detergent and laundry detergent. 

Is a long-term contract required for service?

Absolutely not. We designed this app with convenience in mind. Our services are provided as needed to suit your busy lifestyle. There are no long-term contracts or obligations required.

Can my animals be out while the house is cleaned?

We love pets and will be careful around them. We ask you to let us know in advance what kind of animals you have so we can take care to not disturb them or accidentally let them outside. Additionally, we ask you to make the appropriate accommodations for your pets if you think they may make our cleaners nervous or be a potential problem for them.

How long have you been cleaning homes?

While we have only been in existence since 2019, we have thoroughly vetted all of our cleaners, some have been doing this for over thirty years.

Do I need to be home on the day of cleaning?

No, you do not need to be home on the day of your cleaning we just need to gain access to your house. Some customers prefer scheduling cleaning appointments while they are at work or away for the day, while others like to be at home during the process. This is up to you.

How will you enter my home on my scheduled days of cleaning?

This up to you, whatever you are most comfortable with. Some suggestions: 1. You may give us a key. 2. You can leave a key under a doormat the day of cleaning or hide it somewhere with instructions to it. 3. You can give us the code to the garage. 4. You can leave the door unlocked the day of cleaning.

How and when do I pay for my cleaning services?

We require payment once the service is complete. Your account which you set up with us will be charged with whichever credit or debit card you have on file. We accept most major credit cards, debit card payments as well as Apple Pay.

Do I tip the Cleaner?

While it is not necessary to tip the cleaners, you do have the option to at the end of the clean to leave a gratuity.

Will I always have the same cleaner?

No, your cleaner will typically be different. It is based on availability in the area, and time of the service request. If you would like to keep the same cleaner, on a set schedule please contact us so we can arrange that for you.

Is your company insured?

Yes, we have insurance, including liability and employee accident coverage that includes your home, our team members.

What should I do before you arrive?

Please remove any items that may delay our cleaning personnel in the cleaning of your home. This will maximize efficiency and minimize the time we spend cleaning your home.

What if I am allergic to a cleaning product?

Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priorities, if you are aware you are allergic to a certain cleaning product please disclose this at the time you place your order, accommodations will be made.

How much does it cost?

We charge an hourly rate for our services of $44 (two hours minimum), this includes all cleaning supplies. We do offer add-ons to the traditional cleaning services at additional fees.

What if I am not happy with your service?

If you are not happy with the service, please contact one of our representatives so we can help resolve the issue.

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